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Dear Users,

Thank you for all your support and the download is over 500 now. We received some feedback, and we are trying to improve it. If anyone has suggestion, please feel free to tell us here or through email,

The update confirmed,

1. adding more protocols on peptide chemistry

2. Adding a library of resins

3. improve on the menu display.

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The LaBasic Team



Combinatorial Peptide Libraries: Mining for Cell-Binding Peptides

Combinatorial Peptide Libraries: Mining for Cell-Binding Peptides
Department of Internal Medicine and The Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, 5323 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, Texas 75390-8807, United States
This is an intensive review on recent development and application of using cell-binding peptides. Examples such as disease-specific, organ-specific peptides were described. Other on-going cell-binding peptide-related researches on the application such as cancer targeting and drug delivery were reviewed clearly. We believe this article is a very nice to read, especially for chemical biologists, to catchup with the latest use of cell-binding peptides.

Peptide v3.0 released!


The first and only iOS research application specifically built for Peptide Chemists.

Applications include,

1. Peptide mass calculator – Enter your sequence and calculate your target mass.

2. A table of commonly used Fmoc and Boc amino acids with their molecular weights, structures and CAS numbers.

3. A list of peptide modifications and side-reactions during chemical synthesis – Over 100 modifications and side-reactions were listed in the table. Users can predict the modification based on the mass changes of your peptide.

4. A reagent calculator – Enter your amino acid, coupling reagent and their equivalents, this calculator will find out the weight of amino acids, coupling reagent and base you needed for the coupling.

5. Protocols and resources – A collection of some standard protocols in peptide synthesis, important reviews on the synthesis of modified peptides as well as protocols for making a peptide library.

6. A simple notes application for users to record during the synthesis.

7. Synthesis assistant – peptide sequences can be recorded and track your synthesis progress with alarm supported. It tells you when your coupling and deprotection steps end.


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Submitted to App Store


The 2nd generation of AppForLab iOS application is on the way. Now under review by the App Store.

App For Lab 2 is an all in one application for Biomedical laboratory users.

Since the launching of the 1st version in 2011, we received many feedbacks from our users. Hence, we decided to rebuild the whole application with better integration of note taking including image saving and iCloud support. The new version is redesigned and optimised for iOS7.


**Photo Notes
The photo and notes function allows user recording snapshots of your results using your camera on your iDevices or even draw your own figure or idea onto the application. We will save them in one place with iCloud support sync across devices.


We built 6 commonly used calculators for our users.

1. Molarity calculator
2. Dilution calculator
3. Tm calculator
4. SDS PAGE reagents calculator
5. Protein concentration calculator (based on uv absorbance)
6. DNA concentration calculator (based on uv absorbance)

**Journals News

A total of 12 biological journals including 9 Nature series journals RSS news are available for users to catch up with their recent publications.

**Offline References

For easy access of information, we built a references session includes, amino acid structures, DNA/RNA structures and Codon code. We also included a useful cellular pathways chart. (internet required)

In the new version we included a Fluorescent Dye Chart. Over 80 commonly used fluorescent probes are listed together with their excitation and emission wavelength.

**Gel Doc
Suggested by over 50 users, they want a individual function for saving their Gel or film photos for record. So here it is, a Gel Doc program. Allows saving photos taken by your devices and user could write notes about it. Also, it is iCloud support.

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Research Outliner Released!


Research Outliner is a specifically built iOS application for researchers working in all kinds of subjects. Absolutely important for researchers to record, store and to organize your work. With Research Outliner, you can even start writing your manuscript anywhere and time with this application with all your results and figures with you that organized by this application. Using this application, results and data are clear and easily accessed by user.

**iCloud support**

Research Outliner includes,
A project outline – allows input of ideas in well-organized sessions just like writing manuscripts.
We understand schemes and figures are especially important for scientists, therefore we allows users to import your own schemes or figures from camera/album or even draw it yourself.
Experiment Results is a great function for storing your data and figures. This session is organised in a way that you can access your data and the procedures easily anytime anywhere.

Experiments To-Do-List is built for multi-tasking scientists.